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Annie (Wignall) Foskett 

The story of Care Bags: 

I was eleven years old on the day in January 2000 when My mom came home from a meeting and told me that people at her work were going to start collecting essentials (soaps, shampoo, etc.) to give to kids in foster care/crisis care situations. She explained that often these children have to leave their homes without any of their own belongings. I tried to put myself in their shoes and I started coming up with more and more ideas about ways we could help. I came up with the idea to create fabric Care Bags (bags they could keep and call their own) filled with essential, safe, fun, and age-appropriate items for foster care/crisis care children in our community of Newton, Iowa. 

Over the years... 

Thanks to the help of my incredible mom, countless volunteers, distributors, and supporters, Care Bags has grown bigger and better than i EVER DREAMED POSSIBLE. We continue to send bags locally, but we have expanded to serve displaced, abused, and disadvantaged children worldwide. I have had the immeasurable  joy of growing up alongside Care bags. From elementary school to teaching school, My passion for serving kids has only continued to grow. 


One of my greatest joys in my role as a teacher is getting to include my students in giving back to our community. It is one of the best things to get to see young students becoming passionate about volunteering. Kids can make a difference in our world, and I love seeing how Care Bags makes giving back so accessible to people of all ages.