What people are saying...

Due to the confidentiality guidelines with many of the groups of children we serve, we very seldom hear directly from the kids who receive our Care Bags. We do occasionally get to hear stories (or even pictures)  from distributors as well as quotes from supporters and volunteers. Here is what they are saying...


Distributor Angela Moon Lins-Eich: Chief Executive Officer of Life Connections said,

“For years, I have partnered with Care Bags Foundation to deliver bags all over Iowa and beyond.  The experience of a child opening their Care Bag would bring a tear to anyone’s eye. It is so important to acknowledge the smallest gesture makes such a profound influence of kindness.  Kindness will always guide your heart back home in the direction of truth and love. The children cherish their bags. It also teaches them love and kindness.  And we cherish them.  Annie and Cathy are angels, selfless and true heroes.  It is an honor to work side by side with them bringing joy to the hearts of children and families everywhere.” 

A foster parent said

“My foster son got his bag and carried it with him everywhere he went. He even slept with it at night and just loves it!”


 A girl in crisis wrote

 “It was so nice to receive something when everything is falling apart.” 

Jackie Sparks: Executive Director of TLC/Crisis Care wrote,

”We have found these Care Bags to be vital in the placement of children and gives the children a needed “gift” during very stressful times.”

Distributor Julie Dyer: Foster a Smile in OH wrote

“One of the girls was put in foster care in October, after being beaten with bruises covering her back. Her caseworker told me that when she got her Care Bag and Christmas presents that's the first time he'd seen her teeth-the first he'd seen her smile.”


Eight year olds who came to volunteer reflected on their experience saying, 

"I hope the 6 year old girl will love the Care Bag I packed for her. I hope it will fill her heart with joy....I am gunna make the world a better place."

"My favorite part was when we were done (filling bags). My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest! We took pictures. I smiled, but not for the camera. I did it because I had just filled a bag for someone who needed it.

"My favorite memory of the Care Bags field trip is when I filled a bag for a 5 year old girl. i was so happy that my heart was as big as a bolder." 

President Bush stated, 

"Today at the airport I met a young lady named Annie Wignall. She's the founder of Care Bags Foundation. Young lady -- where are you, Annie? Stand up. Annie started this foundation on her own. She just decided she's going to do something to make a difference in somebody's life. It collects and distributes clothes, toys and personal care items to children who are victims of abuse or neglect. Annie is a soldier in the army of compassion. Annie sets a good example for all of us. One person can't do everything, but one person can do something to make somebody's life better. So my call to my fellow Americans is that on the one hand we're tough, to keep the peace. But on the other hand, I know we can rise to the challenge of showing the world that in the face of the incredible evil done to America can come some great good. And it starts right with you. Every act of individual kindness and compassion, the gathering momentum of millions of acts of kindness and compassion, will show the enemy and the world the true face of the greatest nation on the face of the earth."